Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Introduction to Growing American Native Plants

American native plants are rare and unusual, yet they are often overlooked where they are the most compatible -- in our own yard. For example, the American paw paw tree makes an excellent edible landscape tree with interesting tropical foilage, large delicious fruit and very few pest problems. In the Fall the leaves turn an attractive yellow color. Here are a few excellent native plants for the garden and landscape:

Spineless Cactus Pad Cluster (Opuntia Humifusa Inermis)
Cold hardy hybrid cactus, no dangerous stickers, Yellow flowers with purple seed pears, Growing zones 5-9.

Crossvine, Native Beauty (Bignonia Capreolata)
Semi-evergreen Cold-hardy Perennial Flowering Vine, Crimson Red Throat with Vibrant Yellow Petals, Attracts Hummingbirds, Prolific Floral Display with Spring & Summer Blooms, Tropical Vine Appearance, Growing zones 5-9.

Paw Paw Tree Seeds (Asimina Triloba) Improved Cultivars
The Paw Paw tree has tropical tasting fruit and it's useful for landscaping too. Growing zones 5-8.

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