Saturday, December 12, 2009

Commercial Grade Orchard Trees

If you want orchard-trees that produce the kind of fruit you buy at the grocery, then you should purchase the trees from a commerical-grade nursery. You can purchase great trees for less than $10 each.

Commercial-grade nurseries rate fruit-size according to commercial-growing-standards.

For example the size-standards for sweet-cherry-trees are found in the Code of Federal Regulations. The commercial growing and packaging operations must match fruit size to their processing equipment. If the fruit doesn't meet the size-standards then the packagers have processing and marketing issues, and the grower has an inferior crop with substantial income losses.

Van Wells Nursery in Wenatchee Valley, Washington adheres to the standards, and they sell exceptional quality trees for less than $10 each. The cherry size is 1 inch diameter or better. No order is too small.

Notice their trees are either patented or trademarked. You'll never see these trees at Walmart!

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